An analysis of machiavellis opinion on cesare borgia in his book the prince

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Niccolò Machiavelli

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Machiavelli, NiccolÓ

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The Prince

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Niccolo Machiavelli Machiavelli () is one of the most influential modern political thinkers.

Analysis of Cesare Borgia in Machiavelli’s the Prince

His works, above all The Prince, The Discourses on Livy, The Florentine Histories and The Art of War, are still passionately discussed and continue to give rise to new visions of political action. Machiavelli likely based his 'model prince' on the historical figure of Cesare Borgia.

Little is known about Borgia, except that he was a Renaissance politician who. The Prince looks to the violent Cesare Borgia as a model of an effective and strong ruler, but Medici decides not to acquiesce to Machiavelli's plea for a return to a position of power.

To unlock. Alexander would use the power of the papacy to help Cesare conquer the Romagna and incidentally, make Cesare a powerful prince in his own right. Cesare is Machiavelli's leading example of a Prince who founds an entirely new state from scratch, but does so, not by his own power, but by the means of a more powerful ruler, in this case his father, the Pope.

The election of a sworn Borgia enemy, Giuliano della Rovere, as Pope Julius II, sealed Cesare's fate.

Ferdinand of Spain, an ally of the new pope, had Cesare arrested and imprisoned inbut in Cesare escaped to France, where he worked as a captain for his brother-in-law, the King of Navarre.

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An analysis of machiavellis opinion on cesare borgia in his book the prince
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