Ethics of cyc

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Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

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CYC Code of Ethics

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Leading professional ethics for child and most care work: In the course of academic Child and Youth Care Professionals encounter many institutions which have ethical dimensions and implications. Cash for ensuring that your relationships with their clients are therapeutic.

The Profession

This ethical statement is a living document, always a work in progress, which will mature and clarify as our understanding and knowledge grow. The principles represent values deeply rooted in our history, to which there is a common commitment.

Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta- Code of Ethics () Approved by the Certification Board and Endorsed by the CYCAA Executive Board of Directors on November 24, The Code of Ethics applies to and forms the basis of acceptable conduct for all members of the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta.

The CYC practitioner will ensure that research is designed, conducted, and reported in accordance with high quality Child and Youth Care practice, and recognized standards of scholarship, and research ethics.

The CYC practitioner will ensure that education and training programs are. As Child and Youth Care Professionals we are aware of, and sensitive to, the responsibilities involved in our practice.

Developing professional ethics for child and youth care work: Assuming responsibility for the quality of care. Child and Youth Care Forum, 24(6), THE INTERNATIONAL CHILD AND YOUTH CARE NETWORK (CYC-Net). As a condition of membership all full members of the OACYC agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care of Junethe membership voted to adopt the Code of Ethics of the International Leadership Coalition of Professional Child and Youth Care. The ethics, norms and knowledge base of Child and Youth Care constitute the professional culture which is a source of identity for all who participate in the profession.

The shared symbols and values bring together educators, direct care workers and administrators.

Ethics of cyc
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Child & Youth Care Certification Board - Ethics