Hedonism es

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Significado de Hedonismo

Hedonism Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good. In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).

In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain). Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that the pursuit of pleasure and intrinsic goods are the primary or most important goals of human life.

A hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).However upon finally gaining said pleasure, happiness may remain stationary.

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hedgehog - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Qué es Hedonismo. Concepto y Significado de Hedonismo: La palabra hedonismo es de origen griego, formado por hedone que significa “placer” y el sufijo.

Hedonism es
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