How to write an array in matlab

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MATLAB Programming/Arrays/Introduction to Array Operations

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MATLAB - Arrays

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MATLAB Programming/Strings

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It seems to me your function expects an array of signed bytes which you can get in matlab using the function int8 (not uint8) but I expect matlab to do the cast itself when you pass a numerical array. The problem is that your data is a character array and not a string array. This means that the notation y(1) is asking for a single element of a character array, which is a single character, but you want a string.

The excel is on the mac partition, but that shouldn't affect the function within MATlab, unless Matlab is somehow using excel in the function call. I would prefer output in file, but will take CSV if I have to as it can be imported into excel easily.

For example, show why the MATLAB documentation specifically recommends avoiding doing what you have written in your answer: "A frequent use of the eval function is to create sets of variables such as A1, A2,An, but this approach does not use the array processing power of MATLAB and is not recommended.

Introduction to MATLAB Programming

The preferred method is to store. MATLAB Data Type. HDF5 Data Set or Attribute.

Concatenate two arrays in MATLAB

Numeric. Corresponding HDF5 native data type. For example, if the workspace data type is uint8, the hdf5write function writes the data to the file as 8-bit integers. The size of the HDF5 dataspace is the same size as the MATLAB array.

Java components that are generated from MATLAB code using deploytool (or using other functionality from MATLAB deployment products such as MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB Builder etc.) depend on the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR).

How to write an array in matlab
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