How to write automated test scripts in qtp electric cutout

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Scripts can be executed in a single machine or a group of machines. The execution can be done during the night, to save time. Write, maintain and run test scripts using HP QTP/UFT. Assist with the detailed analysis and interpretation of results to help identify and " 2 hours ago Email.

In Part 1, you saw the common tasks that you have to complete in order to create a Test Script. In this section you will see how QTP can assist you in completing these tasks. QTP has different features and mechanisms that will help you complete the tasks.

Let us see each of these tasks and the corresponding QTP feature one by one. 3) Write your testing scripts according to the approach you chose Note. QTP Repository way or Descriptive Programming belong to GUI recognition part of front-end functional test automation.

Developing Automation Framework and reusable components to be used across EDS Automation projects, developing White Papers on Implementing Automation.

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Contribution: Develop Automation Framework and reusable Components using QTP (Mercury Quick Test Pro), Review on "Implementing Test Automation" Web Based Test Architect at Applause. Maximize resources by testing in parallel on multiple servers, during off-peak /10 (13 reviews).

How to write automated test scripts in qtp electric cutout
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What is QuickTest Professional (QTP) ?